Who is this For

Whether you have bad credit, no credit, want the flexibility to manage funds, or simply want an easy way to pay, the Kroger REWARDS Prepaid Card is for you. No credit check is required*, it’s safe and secure, plus, you get rewarded for your everyday spending.

Safe and Secure

It's safe and secure. If I need to buy something online, I use it! If someone were to get my information, I don't have to worry about them having access to all of my money, just the money I have on that card.”

Easy to Use

"This card is hassle free and easy for me to use shopping, eating out, paying rent, and buying groceries. Best part is, I earn free groceries while I’m doing all of the things I already do.

Savings and Rewards!

“I like getting the rewards. I like saving the money that I do. It really helps out with the grocery bill.

Track your Spending

"I like the automatic text alerts when any deposits are made or when any purchases are made. It really helps me keep track of everything."

Get Rewarded for Your Everyday Spending.